Demi Sims Confronts Megan Bart...


Demi Sims Confronts Megan Barton Hanson Over Images Of Her Kissing A Mystery Man


01:17 28 Aug 2019

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Demi Sims confronts Megan Barton Hanson

The latest episode of Celebs Go Dating sees Demi Sims confront Megan Barton Hanson over pictures of her kissing a mystery man.

Demi and Megan were dating on the show but it all fell a part shortly after the photos emerged.

Megan tells her, "I didn't know that you cared that much..."


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The reality stars were asked to choose a partner to take on the Celebs Go Dating holiday to Crete.

Both Demi and Megan chose different people despite their apparent feelings for one another.


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Howdy partner

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When Demi's date Zara arrives to the party, Megan can't help but comment on her appearance.

She tells Lee Ryan, "She’s not as cute as she looks from a distance."

Megan goes on a date with Zack

Megan goes on a date with her chosen partner Zack.

He asks her, "Do you find it awkward that I was there and Demi too and her girl?"

Megan replies, "I was more worried about you."


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Zack responds, "I like Demi, I just didn’t want any awkwardness on her side."

He wants to know if Megan sees a future with him, "Do you see us meeting up in London?"

However, she remains hesitant so he adds, "I think people portray you differently to who you are."


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Megan agrees, "I am not the man eater I was made out to be."

Zack hits back, "Yeah, woman eater now!"

After the date, the former Love Island contestant tells the camera, "I couldn’t stop thinking about Demi..."

"I am going to get what is mine!"


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Demi confronts Megan

Towards the end of the night, Demi pulls Megan aside for a chat.

Referring to the pictures of Megan with a mystery man, Demi says, "So obviously, we haven’t spoken since the whole thing..."


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Megan tells her, "It was so early, I fancy you but there was nothing between us."

"I didn't know if you were pretending to like me, or if it was for a laugh."

Demi questions, "Why would you think that?"


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Playful but I don’t play .. @ballieballerson

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The Towie star opens up, "I was upset, I just needed some time..."

"We are here now and I would like to make up, I am not annoyed now."

Megan suggests a date, "So, why don’t we go on a date tomorrow, we have squashed it, lets go on a date."

While their romance is still playing out onscreen, it's reported they've since called it quits.

Read about their split here.

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