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Anton Danyluk Reveals He's Given Up Alcohol After Losing Himself To Love Island Fame


11:56 30 Apr 2020

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Anton Danyluk on losing himself to fame

Anton Danyluk has opened up about how he lost himself to fame after starring on last year's Love Island.

He told MailOnline that he's given up alcohol as a result.


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Anton left the villa in a coupling with fellow islander Belle Hassan.

However, their relationship didn't last long and they called it quits shortly after leaving the show.

The reality star remarked, 'In the villa the relationships are an illusion and the friendships are an illusion.'


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Anton made the revelation that out of all the contestants on last year's series, he's only close with two of them.

He said, 'To be honest the only people I speak to are Anna and Joe.'

'Things happened when people came off the show, people changed. I keep my circle very small.'


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Anton added, 'I thought I had brothers and sisters for life with a lot of people but it's just an illusion in there.'

'I don't want to name people but it will be pretty obvious.'

He admitted, 'I found a good friend in Joe so I'm happy with that.'

Despite all this, Anton is adamant he learned a lot about himself from the show.

He said, 'I went from being the boy and I came out as a man after getting to know people and taking a few pies in there.'

'I realised when I came out of there, I really wasn't ready for a relationship.'


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Giving up alcohol

Anton went on to reveal he's given up alcohol after he noticed himself getting lost in the, 'celebrity lifestyle.'

He said, 'With Love Island you shoot to fame instantly, you were a nobody and it's hard to adapt to.'

'We lose who we are. I wasn't myself. I had been acting differently.'

The former Islander admitted he was going out a lot more than he usually would after he left the villa.

He said, 'I was always the fitness guy but I got caught up a bit in the celebrity lifestyle.'

'At the start of this year I decided that I wasn't going to be drinking this year and I've managed to stick to that.'


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Anton insisted, 'I haven't had a drink at all.'

He added, 'I wanted to make a change and I'm feeling a lot happier getting back to my old self.'

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