Top 3 Haunted Places In Ireland

Top 3 Haunted Places In Ireland
Rachael O Brien
Rachael O Brien

24 Oct 2017

With Halloween just one week away and a bank holiday weekend coming up, what better way to spend your time off then by visiting one of Ireland's most haunted locations. 

From the Hell Fire Club to a haunted castle that's been been featured in paranormal investigations we've got all your scary trips covered. 

The Hell Fire Club 

Located in the Dublin Mountains, the Hell Fire Club is an old abandoned hunting lodge. During the day it's got a full view of Dublin and is very popular with walkers. However, once the sun goes down it does get a little creepy. The view is still pretty great but there are plenty of stories including visitors experiencing an oppressive atmosphere and seeing demonic manifestations.

Loftus Hall Wexford

Loftus Hall in New Ross County Wexford is hailed as the most haunted house in Ireland. There are a number of tours you can do and the house is said to have been haunted by the devil and by the ghost of a young woman. 

Leap Castle Offaly

Leap Castle in Coolderry, Co. Offaly is another haunted castle that has been the centre of much bloodshed and brutal atrocities. With hauntings such as 'The Bloody Chapel' and "The Murdered Women' this is definitely a place that will give you the goosebumps. 

LEAP CASTLE OFFALY from Paula Nolan on Vimeo.