6 Winter Warmer Recipes That Make The Cold Weather Worth It

6 Winter Warmer Recipes That Make The Cold Weather Worth It
Hannah O'Connell
Hannah O'Connell

28 Feb 2018

Just as we thought winter was over for another year, it's officially spring tomorrow after all, here we are...

It's snowing, freezing and something ominous called the 'Beast from the East' has arrived. 

While there are many downsides to a storm of this size hitting Ireland there are some things to be happy about:

Snowball fights, sledding, possible snow days and warm, cosy, filling food.

Here's our favourite six winter warmer recipes for the last day of winter! 

Beef Stew

Packed full of veg and served piping hot with mash

Recipe via Jamie Oliver here.

Vegetable Soup

You really can't beat a thick and creamy soup with some crusty bread. 

Recipe via Donal Skehan here.

Fish Pie

Floury potatoes, haddock, real butter and cheese. This really is a winter warmer.

Recipe via Nigella Lawson here.


It's easy to grab a ready made lasagna or a kit but taking the time to make this creation will be so worth it

Recipe via Mary Berry here.

Vegan Pot Pies

A delicious, flaky crust and a creamy veg filling. You won't be able to just have one.

Recipe via Minimalist Baker here.

Shepard's Pie

A winter classic with an easy to follow recipe.

Recipe via Gordon Ramsay here.