What You Can And Can't Bring Into Electric Picnic

What You Can And Can't Bring Into Electric Picnic

29 Aug 2018

The weekend is getting closer and closer until one of the last big festivals of Summer opens its gates. If you want to get in as quick as possible to Electric Picnic, get your tent up and join in on the fun then make sure you are entering under the requirements.  

You don't want to be the guy/girl holding up the queue for having too many glass bottles or anything that 'could reasonably be considered for use as a weapon'.

To make sure you're not bringing along something that will get thrown in the bin then read over the dos and dont's before packing. 


Aerosols (under 250ml) 

Alcohol for personal consumption - max 48 cans per person.

Cigarettes for personal consumption 


Food for personal consumption 

Medication – if you need to bring medication we recommend bringing a doctors note or prescription for it 

Disposable Barbecues - to be used in designated BBQ areas only 

Not permitted:


Glass items (over 100ml) 

Portable Laser Equipment and Laser Pens

Professional Cameras with Detachable/zoom lenses/recording equipment 

Sound Systems  

Unofficial hi-wiz & reflective jackets 

Bicycles - must be locked at the racks near Gate 1A

For the full list of all the restricted items please click here and you can check out a breakdown of the stage times here.