The Perfect Pre Tag Rugby Routine

The Perfect Pre Tag Rugby Routine

20 Jul 2017

Tag rugby season is in full swing with offices threshing out their rivalries in non contact, vicious, Velcro grabbing games across the city. If you haven’t quite got in to your groove yet here are some tips to take on board.


Carbs, glorious carbs!

We don’t need to be told twice to consume carbs but some will be more beneficial than others before blazing through a tag match. Clean carbs are key before a workout. Our bodies convert carbs to energy so fuel up with some of the following:  Fruit, oats, toast, Greek yoghurt, sweet potato, nut butters.


Pack a protein punch
A dose of protein will help power you up for a tag rugby run out. Hard boiled eggs and turkey are great healthy options. Or if you’re feeling a bit fancier, Greek yoghurt and nuts will hit the sweet spot.



A necessity to consider when planning your nibbles is timing. Eat too long before the game and your energy will be fading fast but too soon before the match and you’ll be in a hoop on the pitch with a stitch. Try to eat no longer than three hours before your match but no closer to kickoff than thirty minutes.



Bobby Boucher wouldn’t see you go thirsty on game day but your team probably doesn’t have a “water distribution engineer” so don’t neglect your own hydration! Not drinking enough water is the quickest way for your performance to flat line. We recommend drinking extra water throughout the day ahead of your match to prepare your body for the buckets you’ll sweat during it. Here’s hoping you’ll be having some celebratory scoops after too.



“And bennnd and snap!”. Stretching is imperative. The last thing you need when you’re enjoying a game of tag is an impromptu trip to A&E. Take warming up seriously and it should be all smiles for the rest of the evening.

 These pre match tips are brought to you by Heineken Light Tag. Visit to sign up for the late summer league.