Peter Collins Is Getting Fit This January

Peter Collins Is Getting Fit This January

13 Jan 2017

Hey, Peter Collins here from SPIN Hits. Like most people, I like to start off a New Year with a fitness ambition, and this year my goal is to run the Dublin Marathon. To kick it off, I’ve teamed up with Life Style Sports to bring #MyAGame to 2017. I have just over 9 months to become a durable runner and get fit enough to do it. I'll be keeping track of my progress as I go and with any luck, I'll be well able for it by October. Here it goes!

Warm Up

I met with my new fitness instructor Jade O’Connor from Rebel Barre. She'll be with me along the way to give both fitness and nutritional tips. Firstly, she got me to loosen up and stretch out before we went on a run. For the first one we did a plié in second position or 'a la seconde' with soft arms (see below!). She explained that warming up should always include raising your arms above your head as it raises the heart rate. We then went on to do some jumps from that same second position.


Training Tips

After finishing the above exercises along with other stretches for the calves, quads and hamstrings we set off on a 40 minute run. In the past I would have always run alone, but I found it far easier to run with a partner this time round. Chatting takes your mind off the task at the hand! It was a pretty chilly day so I decided to wear leggings under my shorts while running. I'd never worn leggings before while running but I think keeping the cold at bay helped my performance. I chose a Nike pair - you can check them and the rest of my running gear out HERE

When we got back from the run we warmed down with a mix of Jade's Rebel Barre class stretches and other yoga based stretches. She talked about warming down and how it is equally important to warming up in order to prevent injuries.


In terms of nutrition, Jade advised me to "eat quality produce, cut the processed foods and fuel the body with nutrients". Here's what else she had to say:

Nip down to your local organic shop and buy what you need and what you can afford. Cook food that is packed with vegetables, proteins and good fats. Cook it to last for a couple of days so that you don't have to slave in the kitchen every night after work. Top tips with food and training: Eat protein or fat prior to training and eat carbs and simple carbs after training and of course drink lots of water add some lemon, lime or mint if you need extra hydration.


#MyAGame Plan

My plan is to on three 40-60 minute runs a week along with some other training in preparation for the marathon. With the help of Life Style Sports and Jade from Rebel Barre. I reckon I'll be well on my way to bringing #MyAGame in 2017


Brought to you by Life Style Sports.