Mouth Watering Brunches To Eat This Weekend

Mouth Watering Brunches To Eat This Weekend
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

22 Sep 2017

Here at Spin, one of our favourite things to discuss is food. More importantly, we love a good natter by the kettle on a Monday morning, hearing about who had what for brunch and where, at the weekend. 

If you fancy brunch this weekend, and don't have the funds to splash out on somewhere in town, why not channel your inner chef? 

We've found some lovely brunch recipes online for you to try after a well deserved lie in. Best part is, you can indulge in your jammies and don't have to bother getting dressed up. Best of both worlds! 

Now get out that apron and cook up a storm for you and your other half/pals! 

Eggs Benedict 

7 Easy Weekend Brunches (cinnamon rolls, cheesy hash browns, breakfast enchiladas, sweet potato black bean hash, cream cheese banana bread muffins, skillet breakfast hash)

Waffles 4 Ways

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There's also loads of new Netflix content to watch this weekend while you enjoy brunch at home. You can see what's on offer HERE