James Kavanagh's 5 Best Things To Do in Dublin!

James Kavanagh's 5 Best Things To Do in Dublin!
Rachael Ryan
Rachael Ryan

20 Jul 2017

Summer in the city is busy!! Snapchat star James Kavanagh has rounded up the best five things to do in Dublin this weekend!

1) La Petite Boulangerie (ends on Saturday), Camden Street

La Petite Boulangerie, at No. 9, Camden Street, is serving delicious sweet and savoury creations, including much-loved Cuisine de France favourites, and a new, innovative menu of delectable delights - including a croffle - a hybrid of a croissant and a waffle. YAAAS. It's closed for good on Saturday so quick! Menu: http://cuisinedefrance.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/La-Petite-Boulangerie-Menu-mid-res.pdf


2) Dublin International Piano Festival, Saturday @ The National Concert Hall

Love Electronic Music? Well there's a concert just for you taking place on July 27th at The National Concert Hall. Francesco Tristano, electro-classical pianist extraordinaire merges both genres creating a phenomenal sound. Tristano has collaborated with Derrick May on several occasions and some of his influences include Daft Punk! He's playing in festivals all over Europe this summer but catch him in Dublin for his debut Irish gig, Piano 2.0 as part of the Dublin International Piano Festival. See www.pianofestival.ie for more info and book tickets at www.nch.ie/Online/Francesco-Tristano-27Jul17 

3) The Liberties Festival - ends this Saturday  

The Liberties Festival is one of Ireland’s oldest and longest running festivals. From modest beginnings in 1969 to snagging Festival of the year at the LAMA national community and council awards 2016. For many the Liberties Festival has become a highlight of the summer in Dublin with a series of family-friendly, sporting and community events, and an exciting multi-cultural and arts programme encompassing visual art, film, dance, comedy, literature and music. More info: https://www.libertiesfestival.ie/

4) The Festival of Curiosity

With over 45,000 attendees each year across 14 venues in Dublin City Centre, the festival is Ireland’s annual celebration at the intersection of art, science, technology and design and has quickly grown to being one of the most exciting and innovative festivals of it’s kind in Europe. Art, science and everything in between! More info: https://festivalofcuriosity.ie/

5) DECAF, Sunday @ Dublin Co-Op

Small press comics can be a nebulous term in the comic book world. They can be as small as a photocopied zine and as big as Scott Pilgrim vs The World. We generally use the term to mean creator-owned, independent comics. They can be handmade, self-published or released by small press publishers. DECAF is a small press comic book event, created to showcase local comic creators and celebrate the spectrum of Irish sequential art. The small press comic scene has been growing in Ireland for years, but Irish comic creators often travel across the globe to find Comic Arts Festivals to exhibit their work. We feel it's time for some Comic Arts Festivals closer to home! More info: http://www.dublincomicarts.ie/about/

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