Iceland Have Launched A Vegan Food Range

Iceland Have Launched A Vegan Food Range

6 Sep 2018

Iceland have launched a brand new, 13-dish vegan range.

As well as being meat-free the new range follows Iceland's pledge to stop using palm oil in it's products by the end of the year. 

These are the 13 products:

1. No Bull Jalapeño Burgers – €2.50, 2 pack

These spicy burgers look like meat, taste like meat but simply aren’t meat. They have an extra kick from the jalapeño to add to their rich and juicy flavour.

2. No Bull ‘Meat’ Balls – €2.50, 16 pack

The perfect ‘meaty’ alternative for classic family favourites like spaghetti and meatballs.

3. No Bull Mince – €4.50, 500g

Ideal for replacing beef mince in your dishes and with less than 10% fat it’s amazingly healthy.

4. No Chick Crispy Fillets – €2.50, 2 pack

These crispy coated fillets are the perfect alternative to traditional coated chicken steaks, with a juicy pulled texture to replicate the nation’s favourite meat.

5. No Chick Chunks – €4.50, 320g

Perfect for frying and flavouring with seasoning and sauces for all your favourite chicken dishes, these No Chick Chunks can replace chicken and fool even the most die-hard poultry fan.

6. No Bull Sausages – €2.50, 8 pack

Taking the popular flavour of the ‘No Bull Burger’ into family favourite chipolata sausages, making fry-ups a little more vegan friendly.

7. No Chick & no Porkies Paella – €2.50, 400g

A quick and convenient meal for one, filled with meat-replicating chicken and chorizo, as well as a range of vegetables and rice, creating the perfect vegan dish.

8. No Bull Chilli & Rice – €2.50, 400g

Another quick and convenient dish for one, packed with No Bull Mince, vegetables and rice to create the perfect plant-based chilli.

9. No Porkies Chorizo Slices – €3.00, 200g

These have all the smoky and spicy characteristics of your typical chorizo, without the meat. They’re great for adding to pizzas, pasta dishes and paellas.

10. No Bull Asian Burgers – €2.50, 2 pack

Asian-inspired wheat protein burgers with a firm texture and bite. They’re great for all types of cooking methods.

11. No Bull Tofu & Veg Burgers – €2.50, 2 pack

These unique tofu and vegetable burgers are a new approach to a classic vegan dish.

12. No Bull Vegetaballs – €2.50, 16 pack

The blend of red quinoa and green vegetables reveals all the vegetable-goodness in every bite. Perfect for classic meatball dishes, without the meat.

The range is available in 24 Iceland stores across Ireland from today.