Festival Tips From Liberty Insurance

Festival Tips From Liberty Insurance

28 Aug 2017

Festivals, they're great craic and easily the best part about summer. As a way of ensuring that you have the best weekend possible with your mates, it's always best to prepare. Especially if you're going to a festival in Ireland - we all know how unpredictable the weather can be!

For those heading along to Electric Picnic, we've pooled together our knowledge from all those who have braved the festivals before you, and have some helpful tips!

Prepare for the weather

As we said, Irish weather is very unpredictable, so it's always best to prepare for all possible weather scenarios. Some festivals have a policy against umbrellas, so don't pack one, pack a poncho instead. Most importantly, bring a spade, in case your car gets stuck in the mud. Believe us, it's happened after terrible rain! You may need to move the mud after the sky pours.

Give yourself plenty of time

There's nothing worse than being late. There's bound to be traffic jams getting into the festival, as well as leaving. Allow plenty of time to get there so you're not rushing. Leave early when you're going to and from the festival. Also bring a clean pair of shoes for the drive home. Your feet will thank you after being in mucky wellies for three days.

Bring jump leads

There's always someone who has a dead car battery by the end of the weekend from playing the tunes from their car. Bring jump leads and lend a hand - you or your camping neighbours may need them at some point!

Check your tyres

Be sure to have a look at your tyre tread before making the journey to and from the festival. Chances are you'll be driving a long distance and your tyres need to be in top shape.  Check your oil, water, fuel and tyres before setting off and pack an emergency kit. 

Get a good rest the night before

If you’re tired on the journey, pull over and take a break and if you need to get a coffee and have a quick nap.  Share the drive with a fellow driver to give yourself a break.

Leave charged power banks in your car

After taking selfies and ringing your mates to find them all weekend, chances are your phone battery has seen better days. Leave a charged powerbank on your dashboard for the drive home, in case of an emergency and you need to pull over and make a call.

Pack the right clothes

There’s nothing worse than not having enough clothes for the weekend, or not having the right items for the appropriate weather. Raincoats don’t have to be boring. There are tons in shops at the moment. Team up a rain mac with some shorts for the perfect festival look. Bonus points if you put a pair of comfortable tracksuit bottoms in the boot of the car for the drive home.