Doughnut Day - 5 Places For Your Fix

Doughnut Day - 5 Places For Your Fix
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

2 Jun 2017

As if it wasn't amazing enough that it's a Bank Holiday Friday - it's also NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY

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The history of the doughnut isn't very clear, but their iconic look originated in the United States around the 1800's. 

While we don't exactly know who we have to thank for these deep fried, sugary, circular treats, we're just grateful that they exist. 

After much heated debate here in the office, we've come up with the top five places where you can get your doughnut fix today! 

Aungier Danger 

There's two of these doughnut havens in the city - Aungier Street and South Great George's Street. The only bad thing we have to say about this place is that we can't get enough of their doughnuts. 


Tomorrow's lunch 😬

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They're also doing 2 for 1 doughnuts today. YUM! 

Offbeat Donut Co

There's a few of these about the place, you're bound to pass one on your travels. Their red velvet one is divine. 

The Rolling Donut 

With three Rolling Donut's located around Dublin city centre, you've no excuse. The pistachio salted caramel always sells out. 


Happy Hump Day! 😊💪🏆#donuts #dublin #sun #summer #sourdough #therollingdonut @horetownhouse

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Dublin Donut Co

They serve up delicious doughnuts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. White chocolate and orange - need we say more?

Revolution Bakery 

Located on Wicklow Street, people flock to sample their blueberry glaze with creamcheese. We're dribbling.

Happy Doughnut Day! 

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