A Toastie Festival Is Happening In Bray Next Month

A Toastie Festival Is Happening In Bray Next Month
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

19 Oct 2017

...And it's about time, too! 

You may do a happy dance everytime you eat a toastie, but, the celebrations are about to be taken up a notch when Ireland's first toastie festival gets underway! 

The Harbour Bar in Bray are hosting the event, and made the big reveal on their Facebook page last night. 

They're calling on toastie-fanatics to come down and celebrate the Irish diet staple. 

It's taking place Friday 3rd - Sunday 4th November. 

The invite reads;


Join us for Ireland’s first Toastie Festival from Friday 3rd November to Sunday 5th November – a celebration of a Harbour Bar classic, our humble ham and cheese toastie, a firm favourite to go with that post Cliff Walk well-earned pint or perfect pot of tea.

Throughout the festival there will be the classic ham and cheese offering alongside some more adventurous fillings to try, and match with whatever your tipple. Plus free tea top ups too. 

Visitors can snag a seat by one of the Harbour Bar’s roaring fires or cosy up out front for outside service.

All welcome, dogs too. Help us pay homage to the Toastie."

A toastie festival after a 4 day week in work AND the opportunity to pet dogs? Sign us UP! 

Check out the event page HERE

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