Valentine's Day Gifts For When You're Broke

Valentine's Day Gifts For When You're Broke
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

9 Feb 2018

Valentine's Day. The one day when you feel like you need to splash the cash to prove you love someone. In reality, sometimes we just don't have the money to spend on overpriced roses and a fancy meal. 

Fear not. They won't break up with you if you're broke. And, if they do - then they weren't worth being with in the first place.

We've done the digging and found some cheap and cheerful gift ideas that will keep you in the good books this Valentine's Day. 


Warm feet = warm heart. 


Something comfy they can put on after a long day in the office is ideal. 

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Fill in the blank journal

They're super cheap and personal. Brownie points if you fill it with all of the things you love about them. Watch them swoon. Purchase here.

Frame a picture 

Print a picture off. Frames are less than a fiver in Penneys so pick one up and give them something nice they can hang in their room. 

Favourite chocolate 

Pick them up an assortment of their fave sweets. They'll be only delira. 

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Scented candle 

Because we don't know anyone that doesn't like scented candles. 

Makeup case

You think she has 53456453. She does but she always needs one more. Trust us. Here's one from Penneys.

A mug

Preferably with a funny quote or a dog. Everyone needs a cuppa. 

Pocket handwarmers 

Keep them snug all day long. Amazon have a whole range that won't break the bank here.

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Go forth and spread the love! 

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