12 Times Irish Telly Had The Nation In Stitches

12 Times Irish Telly Had The Nation In Stitches
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

15 Mar 2017

With St Patrick's Day ahead, many of us will flock to the streets and events to celebrate Ireland and our patriotism.  Over the years, Irish telly has given us some iconic viral moments that were downright hilarious that deserve to be celebrated, or at least remembered!

The best part about them, is that for the most part they were accidental. 

We've compiled a list of some that had us in bits with laughter. 

Ah yes, The Late Late Toy Show. The one night a year that makes big kids out of the adults and we don't even try and hide it. 

Every year there's some gems. Here's two of our favourites:

Darragh the farmer and his rendition of 'Hit The Diff.'


John-Joe the horologist that stole the nation's hearts. 


RTÉ News have cracked Ireland up so many times over the years. 

Who could forget the man who slipped on the ice. His identity remains a mystery to the country 7 years on.


And the award for the best fake typing goes to...This is all of us on a Friday afternoon in work at 4:45. 


When Aengus MacGrianna was caught doing his makeup and fixing his tie. That 'whaaaaat' will forever ring in our ears. 


Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without the legendary Teresa Mannion's weather report from Galway. We salute you.


That time when Nadine erm, accidentally gave the wrong date of birth during Irish Popstars and conveniently lost her passport when she was found out. 


Tallafornia (sadly scrapped after two seasons) was packed to the brim with legendary scenes. Our favourite was when Cormac and Nikita tore one another to shreds over Cormac's choice to buy 46 eggs, cause protein. 


When Ireland thought that sending a singing turkey to Eurovision would bring home the title. 


Or when we sent Jedward TWICE. Well you know what they say - if at first you don't succeed DON'T SEND THEM AGAIN! 


We love an over enthusiastic audience member. This one lost the run of himself clapping during Winning Streak and injured his hand. 


First Dates Ireland has provided week after week. But the one that takes the biscuit is when Laura told her date Conor that he smelled like her Grandad.