Obama & Bono Meet For Lunch In NYC

Obama & Bono Meet For Lunch In NYC
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

11 Mar 2017

Now that Obama is no longer the President of the United States, he has some spare time to enjoy his post-White House days. 

Just a few weeks ago, The Obamas went on vacation to Richard Branson's private island and now it seems that he's catching up with some pals and adding casual lunches to his 'to do' list. 

According to reports, Barack, Michelle and Bono were spotted in Manhattan's Upland, where they allegedly had a private dining room in the restaurant. 

Some lucky diners managed to spot Mr and Mrs Obama exiting the restaurant. 

#powerlunch w/ @karanilanraymond & @lindseybono & @michelleobama & #presidentobama #nyc #upland

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This comes as no surprise, as the Obamas have been friends with the U2 frontman for many years. 

Bono managed to avoid the paparazzi on this encounter, but according to reports he was there.