Kylie Jenner Hit With Another Lawsuit

Kylie Jenner Hit With Another Lawsuit
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

26 Jul 2017

It really hasn't been the best few weeks for Kylie Jenner. 

According to TMZ, she's being faced with another lawsuit, after a British artist is claiming that Kylie is ripping off her work. Sara Pope is saying that Kylie has copied one of her most well known art pieces, which is called Temptation Neon. 

The painting of teeth biting lips that are covered in gloss looks very similar to the lips that are used in the promo for Life of Kylie

Image credit: Life of Kylie promo E! News 

Reports suggest that Pope is suing Kylie and NBC Universal for an undisclosed amount. 

This comes just weeks after Kylie and Kendall were hit with an infringement lawsuit by photographer Michael Miller over their vinatge tee collection. Read more on that HERE

Earlier in the year, Kylie got into a spot of bother with Vlada Haggerty. She's well known for pioneering the dripping lip art style that features on the boxes of Kylie's lip line. 

That case was settled out of court. 

Life of Kylie is due to premiere on E! in August.