Here’s The Australian Newcomers Joining Geordie Shore

Here’s The Australian Newcomers Joining Geordie Shore

14 May 2018

Geordie Shore is set to make a return to our screens next week with Season 17.

Yes, there has been 16 previous seasons since the Toon' first came to our living rooms.

With the latest in Geordie madness coming to MTV on Tuesday 15th May at 10PM.

Producers have decided for a change of scenery this year, with Australia's Gold Coast the backdrop.

The new series comes with new housemates, and three of four coming from down-under.

Nick Murdock

22 year old surfer and estate agent from Brisbane, Nick is one of the new Australian faces to join the show.


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Dee Nguyen

After checking out her Instagram, 24 year old Dee from Sydney likes showing off her pole skills, is also a fan of the outdoors and partying.

Alex MacPherson

Fan of the gym, Alex who's also 22, will fit right in with the Geordie way of living.

Head to NOW TV to catch up on the previous 16 series of Geordie Shore, just in time for Geordie Shore Gold Coast out Tuesday 15th May at 10PM on MTV.