Has Alex Hit It Off With One Of The New Islanders?

Has Alex Hit It Off With One Of The New Islanders?
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

18 Jun 2018

*Spoiler alert* 

If you don't want to know what happens on tonight's episode of Love Island, we suggest you stop scrolling. 






We warned you... 





Tonight's Love Island episode could show a breakthrough for Alex. Poor Alex has been unlucky in love since entering the villa, but that could soon change. 

Last night, we saw two new girls enter the villa - Ellie and Zara. Alex couldn't contain his excitement at the thought of two new potential love-interests coming in. 

Jack spilled the beans on Love Island: Aftersun last night that Alex has gone in for a kiss with one of the new girls! 

Host Caroline Flack asked if Jack hoped Alex would hit it off with one of them. Jack replied 'Oh so badly. He had a date and everything and he's gone for a kiss.' 

YES! Love Island continues on 3e tonight at 9pm. 

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