Did Rosie Reveal Why Niall Left Love Island?

Did Rosie Reveal Why Niall Left Love Island?

13 Jun 2018

Viewers of last night's Love Island think they may have spotted a clue to explain Niall's sudden departure from the villa. 

The 23-year-old left the show due to "personal reasons" and yesterday contestants learned the news from Dr. Alex.

While Jack and Dani looked shocked no one else seemed too bothered and the issue was quickly forgotten.

What was even more surprising was that Niall's partner Georgia literally couldn't have cared less!

Maybe the islanders had been told prior to the filming of their reactions, maybe it was clever editing or maybe Niall did something snakey...

When Rosie confronted Adam about his flirtation with Megan last night she said, "You had a go at Niall for lying the other night and you've done exactly what he did".

What did Niall lie about? Is that why he's left?

The Sun is reporting this morning that Niall's friends in the outside world have yet to hear from him. 

One friend told the tabloid, “We don't know what's gone on and we haven’t spoken to him so we’re in the dark.”

It appears they found out via the press just like the rest of us. 

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm.