SPOILER: We Know What Love Island's Adam Did To Rosie

SPOILER: We Know What Love Island's Adam Did To Rosie

12 Jun 2018

It was the big cliffhanger that left us all sweating last night! 

In a teaser for tonight's episode we saw Rosie march up to Adam and ask, "Did something happen today that you wanna tell me about?"

A stunned Adam replied, "What are you talking about?"

Just before the credits rolled Rosie demanded that Adam reveal all to the villa. 

Can't wait until 9pm tonight? Well we have the answers...


You have been warned! 

Here's what goes down tonight:

Adam is already bored with Rosie saying,

“I think people forget in here that we’re not actually in full on relationships. Don’t get us wrong, in bed, it’s nice to kiss and cuddle, and I am like that. But not in front of everyone, when we’re outside. She’s probably a little bit more into me, than I am into her, if I’m being brutally honest.”

He then snakes off to the garden to majorly hit on Megan!

She however, is having none of it and rats out his behavior to Rosie. Ouch!

“I just feel in a really weird head space right now. After speaking to Adam. Rosie’s my friend so I know I have to go and tell her but I just hate confrontation. She’s a lovely girl and I think it’s really, really sneaky, the way Adam’s played it.”

And surprise, surprise, Rosie loses it.

“Adam’s just sly. He has just slagged me off behind my back and he makes out that he puts such an importance on honesty. But clearly he’s just led me on, said things to me that he knows will make me think we’re OK and then gone and chatted up one of my new best friends in here. I mean, what a guy.”

Meanwhile Megan is torn over this new thing with Adam (we say run a mile) and what she had going on with Eyal. 

And we'll see Dr. Alex announce Niall's abrupt departure.

The drama continues tonight at 9pm