5 Things Australia Gave Ireland

5 Things Australia Gave Ireland

2 Jun 2017

To celebrate Foster’s Fridays we’re taking a look at 5 great things Australia has given Ireland!

The Woolshed

Without Oz we wouldn’t have this city centre spot. Where would we watch sport, drink pitchers and be very close to an Eddie Rockets?

The Soaps

Whether you’re more Neighbours or Home & Away, neither of our favourite ‘off sick’ daytime soaps would be possible without the land down under.

An Emigration Hotspot

If we didn’t have Australia where are we all meant to emigrate to? Like Canada is great and all but it’s cold.

Spider Perspective

It’s literally impossible to complain about an Irish spider once you’ve seen an Australian one.

Fairy Bread

If you haven’t heard of this yet, Australia has made it acceptable to eat hundreds & thousands on bread with butter. Trust us, you’ll thank them.

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