5 Favourites To Win Eurovision 2018

5 Favourites To Win Eurovision 2018
Rachael Ryan
Rachael Ryan

11 May 2018

For the first time in five years Ireland has reached the finals of Eurovision 2018. But who are we up against? These are the 5 favourites for this Saturday's showdown in Lisbon:

1) Moldova - DoReDos with 'My Lucky Day'

This is Eurovision euro-pop cheese at it's finest. DoReDos are a three-part folk band from Moldova and impressed at Eurovision preview parties before their semi final on Thursday night with people digging the simple stage set up. They landed themselves in the final and I'd say this will get the vote of true Eurovision fans. 

 2) Czech Republic - Mikolas Josef with 'Lie To Me'

Mikolas was one of the nine acts chosen to advance from the semi finals on Tuesday night, despite injuring himself in rehearsals before his performance. The Czech Republic don't have a great record with the Eurovision- qualifying for the finals just once since they signed up to the competition 11 years ago. Mikolas is an impressive guy though - born in Prague he studied acting at the prestigious LAMDA in London. He didn't become an actor though but became a street musician and after his first single went straight to the top of the Czech charts he bagged himself a contract with Sony. The tune is  funky little pop/RnB mix which frankly, puts us in a good mood.


3) Israel - Netta Barzilai with 'Toy'

She is being hailed as the voice of the #MeToo movement at the Eurovision- Netta Barzilai's powerful voice sings lyrics such as "I am not your toy, you stupid boy" and "the Barbie's got something to say". Many are saying she is sending a powerful message of female empowerment and this has already become a fan favourite. Plus there are chicken noises and deadly dancing. We are in.

4) Ireland - Ryan O'Shaughnessy with 'Together'

We think our Ryaner has a good chance on Saturday night. He is the first Irish act to make it through to the final in five years. His song 'Together' has been well received with many comparing his simple performance of just a 'man and his guitar' and his voice to Ed Sheeran. His performance also features a love story between two men- China has been banned from airing the Eurovision on Saturday because of censoring Ryan's semi final performance. Ryan has welcomed the decision: "I would like to welcome the decision by the EBU to do that because from the very start we have just said love is love. It doesn't matter whether it's between two guys and two girls or a guy and a girl."

5) Cyprus- Eleni Foureira with 'Fuego'

Eleni Foureira is currently a very successful popstar in Greece - having been in a girl group called 'Mystique' for years before releasing a number of albums as a solo singer. Eleni's fiery performance has shot her to favourite to win this year's Eurovision, she's accompanied by four female dances on stage and of the song she said "Fuego means fire in Spanish, and we want to bring out the fire that women have, we are five women on that stage.”

The Eurovision Final takes place this Saturday at 8pm