An Idiot's Guide To Super Bowl 52

An Idiot's Guide To Super Bowl 52
Andrew Lowth
Andrew Lowth

4 Feb 2018

It's upon us again!

The Super Bowl is back and the American Football showcase is one of the mostly widely viewed sporting events in the world.

However, a number of people will tune into the Super Bowl not knowing what's going on, who to look out for (barring Tom Brady) and which players who are likely to have an impact.

This year sees the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles.


There are a number of ways that teams can score points in a game of American football.

Touchdown: It's when a team crosses what's known as the 'end zone'. It's worth 6 points.

After this, teams can decide to kick between the posts for an extra point (similar to a conversion in rugby) or they can perform another play where they try to cross the end zone again, which is worth an extra 2 points.

Field Goal: A team kicks between the posts when they don't cross the endzone. It's worth 3 points.

Safety: A rare occurance, if a team member is tackled inside their own end zone, 2 points will be awarded to the other team.

A brief look at the teams

Both the Patriots and the Eagles finished top of their respective conferences (The AFC and the NFC), and got through the various playoff rounds.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichek and quarterback Tom Brady are both aiming for their 6th Super Bowl ring, and their second in a row.

The Eagles, meanwhile, have never won the Vince Lombardi trophy in their history.

However, the numbers stack well in favour of the Eagles if you look at the regular season.

Despite missing starting quarterback Carson Wentz, they easily dispatched the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game, a team who many considered the favourites to go all the way.

Back-up Nick Foles has taken advantage of a strong offensive line to deliver some good performances in the post-season.

However, we saw this with the Atlanta Falcons last year, and the Patriots were able to grind out a win in what was one of the most entertaining Super Bowl's in years.