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Private Jet Trips From Irish Airports Increased Dramatically Last Year

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

01:07 30 Mar 2023

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Private jet trips from Irish airports increased by over 150 per cent last year, compared to 2021.

That's according to the new Greenpeace report on private jet pollution.

It found the countries with the most private jet flights in Europe in 2022 were France, the UK and Germany.

The three most popular destinations of private jets in Europe were Nice (Côte d’Azur), Paris, and Geneva.

Meanwhile, the busiest private jet route in Europe last year was Paris-London.

It had an average of nine private flights between those cities each day.

The report points out this route has a direct train connection that takes just over two hours, with 14 trains a day.

Climate change activist Sadhbh O'Neill says some rich people don't care about the environment.

"If status, corporate image and getting from A to B is just a matter of cost, they'll pay up."

"We can't let them use up more than their fair share of the carbon budget."

Ban Private Jets

Greenpeace EU transport campaigner Thomas Gelin said:

“Vulnerable people are on the front lines of climate destruction, and are the ones pushed into poverty by spiking fuel prices, but have done the least to cause these crises."

"It’s hugely unfair that rich people can wreck the climate this way, in just one flight polluting more than driving a car 23,000 kilometres."

Mr Gelin also called for a ban on private jets.

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