Just Over 16% Of Renters Have...


Just Over 16% Of Renters Have Claimed The Tenant's Tax Credit

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

12:30 28 Nov 2023

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Not many tenants are applying for the Rent Tax Credit.

The Journal reports under 65,000 out of a total 400,000 who are eligible have claimed it.

Revenue has details on the tax credit, they are posted on this webpage.

The tax credit has increased from €500 to €750 in the Budget, which was in early October.

Threshold CEO John Mark McCafferty says renters don't claim it for a number of reasons:

"Many renters don't know the tax credit exists," he said.

There are others who will have extra "technical details" around being self employed, according to John Mark.

"But for the vast majority its either a lack of knowledge about it, or how to apply for the tax credit."

The credit can be claimed by logging into the Revenue myAccount (also known as Revenue Online Serivces or "ROS") and adding a tax credit for 2023.

That is under the PAYE Services section, and then the Manage My Tax option in the menu.

Picture by: Marc Calleja / Alamy Stock Photo

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