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NUIG's SU Defends Students After Covid-19 Outbreak Declared In College

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NUI Galway's Student Union President is defending the college, after a Covid-19 outbreak in the city was linked to third level students.

Yesterday the HSE reported 135 cases among students in the area.

They stemmed from 15 clusters ranging from two to forty people.

NUIG's SU president Pádraic Toomey says non-compliance to public health guidelines isn't specific to young people.

He said there will always be people "who think they can break a rule or two" regardless of age.

"It's like people who break a speed limit."

"They think they won't get caught but then there's a speed van on the next bend."

While Mr Toomey says there will always be rule breakers, gardaí and accommodation security are on hand to deal with gatherings.

Poor Wifi Leads Students To Return To College Houses

The SU President said some student find it impossible to remote learn from their home address.

He says issues with Wifi have brought him back to his Galway base.

"I'm from Tipperary and the internet is shocking."

"You have to come to a city, you have to come somewhere where there is good WiFi."

He argued that for some college houses can be more peaceful places to study.

"Back home too there could be households full of children and a lot of people are working from home at the minute."

"There's not a quiet space that you could be doing studies at."

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