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Deliveroo Riders Feel "Unsafe" Working In Dublin Following Recent Attacks


01:33 3 Feb 2021

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Food delivery workers in Dublin do not feel safe doing their jobs.

It follows a recent spate of attacks on Deliveroo riders.

Gardaí in the north inner city have increased their patrols in response to a number of recent threats and attacks on delivery riders.

Deliveroo has been in touch with gardaí seeking a meeting about protecting its workers in Dublin.

One rider from Brazil said she arrived in Ireland a few days ago and and "already knows the tension that's here".

She she admits she's scared doing the job,  she says she needs the money:

Many of the riders believe they are being targeted over their race and nationalities.

Another person, who has has been working with Deliveroo for around 6 months, says there are certain areas of the city he will not travel to.

He said he's had experiences of people throwing rocks at him.

"I ran fast because I was scared and then I hear 'go back to your country'".

And another woman has been delivering food for just over a month says she does not feel safe working at night.

She said she's had problems three times in the short time she's been working for the company.

"Three times the guys phone me but then they try to steal my bike and my phone."

Deliveroo says the security and safety of its riders is its absolute priority.

The company maintains it takes every step to ensure they feel safe when on the road.

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