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Boris Johnson And His Tory Party Wins British General Election

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Boris Johnson will return as Prime Minister

Boris Johnson will return as the UK's Prime Minister after his party won the General Election.

The Conservative Party will hold an overall majority in the House of Commons, meaning they have more MPs than the rest of the parties combined.

The Tories beat Labour, despite a huge social media campaign from leader Jeremy Corbyn on polling day.

The result means Boris will be able to stick by his campaign slogan of 'Get Brexit Done'.

He struck a deal with the EU which will now pass overwhelmingly in the House of Commons.

Northern Ireland

One of the biggest results came from Northern Ireland, where nationalists have won more seats than unionists for the first time ever.

The DUP lost two seats to the nationalist parties Sinn Fein and SDLP, while the neutral Alliance Party claimed one seat from a retiring Independent unionist.

It will heighten calls for a border poll, with more MPs from the North in favour of a United Ireland than those in favour of staying in the UK.

The result finished with Nationalists holding 9 seats, unionists have 8 and the Alliance has 1.

In a breakdown, DUP have 8, Sinn Fein with 7, SDLP have 2 and the Alliance 1.

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