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Apple Announce New Option To Repair Products Yourself

Jonathan Byrne
Jonathan Byrne

03:36 18 Nov 2021

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If you've an iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc listen up...

Today Apple have announced a huge change in the way they handle repairs.

They've announced a 'Self Service Repair' option which allows customers to fix their own products.

Apple will provide genuine parts and tools to help with the repair process.

They're rolling out the scheme with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 first of all.

It'll also be available in the United States first, but then expand to other countries in 2022.

What does the 'Self Service Repair' really mean? Many still won't be fond of repairing their own phone.

Many have advised that doing a D.I.Y. repair could potentially damage your device.

Some may feel capable of replacing screens, batteries and cameras etc.

It also allows the ability of independent retailers to fix Apple products while using genuine parts.

In the past, Apple had been picky regarding who they sent their devices to for repairs.

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