WATCH: SPIN Chats To James Vin...


WATCH: SPIN Chats To James Vincent McMorrow About His New Album

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

02:58 21 Sep 2021

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James Vincent McMorrow on SPIN

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with James Vincent McMorrow for a chat recently.

He shared what it was like playing Ireland's first gig after lockdown in the Iveagh Gardens, he spoke about his new album Grapefruit Season and more.

James has been waiting to release this album for so long that the excitement started to wear off.

It wasn't until he played it for his Uber driver in London that he found himself getting excited again.

"I played it for him in the car and he loved it so much and it was weirdly what I needed to get me really excited again."

The artist had hoped to release it last year, but when the pandemic hit, he refused.

James explained why, "I just thought it was too good to give away."

"If people want to read that as arrogance then that is what it is. I put two years of my life into this thing."

James went on, "The idea of then giving that out into a world where people's attention spans were zero..."

"No one was ingesting music the way that they take it in, no meeting other people to talk about things that you watched or listened to..."

"The idea of giving that out into that world would have just broken my heart so I just couldn't do it."

Iveagh Gardens gig

Sarina asked James how it felt playing the first gig in Ireland out of lockdown.

He said, "In the moment it was beautiful... It was an incredible thing... I was obviously disappointed in the aftermath of it that more meaningful stuff didn't happen during the summer."

"It felt like a window was missed."

James gushed over his love for the Irish music industry and how important it is to see those people working again.

"Just being around musicians again and being in audiences and seeing the value that comes from that on so many levels, that was incredible at that moment in the Iveagh Gardens to kind of bare witness to it and hopefully people that needed to see it realise how important culture is to Ireland."

Watch the full interview here:

James will play the 3Olympia 19th and 20th April, 2022.

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