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The Bellissimo Files' Favourite Things: Lea Heart


03:00 30 Mar 2021

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Favourite Things

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Lea Heart for a chat recently.

The Kildare native released her track Older back in October with over half a million streams online and counting.

As Lea's path to stardom continues, she discusses what it's like to have her dreams come true as she returns with her new track IDKY.

Speaking of her success Lea said, “its still doesn’t feel real to me at all.”

Even now, when she hears herself on the radio it, "still takes a few minutes to sink in that it's" her music.

During the chat the singer also gave SPIN the low down on all her favourite things, you can watch the full interview below.

Favourite TV Show

Lea said she’s currently bingeing, Desperate Housewives.

“I know it's so old but I’ve only kind of got into it recently and I absolutely love it. I just think, it's such a break from reality because it’s so far-fetched”

Lea’s all-time favourite show is Gossip Girl because she grew up in that area ‘era’ and remembers being in school waiting for the new episode to come out.

Favourite Book

Lea went for a popular Irish hit in Normal People as her favourite book.

She thinks the story was “absolutely brilliant and watched the series afterwards”, saying she’s “obsessed with Sally Rooney as a writer”

Favourite Film

Lea's favourite film is A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

“It's an absolutely brilliant film” adding she's also obsessed with The Holiday, it's something she loves to watch a Christmas.

Favourite Song

Get Out Of My head by Shane Codd is Lea’s favourite song at the moment.

“I think it's just such a banger, you can't feel sad or anything with that song playing. It will definitely give you energy if you're not in the mood to do a workout, that's my go-to get me pumped song”

Favourite Album

American Teen by Khalid, Human Condition by John Bellion and Justice by Justin Bieber all top Lea's favourite albums list

Favourite Podcast

Although not the biggest podcast fan, the It Galz Podcast is Lea’s go to.

Favourite App

Lea can't live without Voice Notes

“A lot of singers songwriters would say that, because you forgot a melody instantly so I have just hundreds and hundreds of voice notes in my phone.”

Favourite Influencer

James Kavanagh takes Lea’s tops spot because “he's so funny and puts you in such a good mood if I ever need to be cheered up.”

Music has kept Lea going through the lockdown and she says she's “so lucky to have it” when she's not bingeing Desperate Housewives of course!

Watch Sarina's Favourite Things chat with Lea here:

Sarina is on air with The Bellissimo Files every Saturday from 10 am on SPIN 1038.

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