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Jimmy Kimmel Doesn't Believe Abrakebabra Is A Restaurant In Ireland


11:11 29 Mar 2019

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Jimmy Kimmel has never heard of Abrakebabra

Colin Farrell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie Dumbo.

However, he somehow managed to promote the restaurant Abrakebabra more.

It turns out Farrell has a gold card for the kebab shops in Ireland.

Jimmy however, finds it hard to believe they're even a restaurant.


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Jimmy wanted to know what Colin does when he comes home to Ireland.

"What do you do when you go there? When you go there for a few nights, do you have a spot that you go to?"

The Irish actor responds, "I do actually yeah, I have a kebab shop that I go to."

"Oh I like that, I love kebabs... You're not kidding though?.." questions Jimmy.

Colin says, "yeah a place called Abrakebabra that's getting great press."


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Kimmel however, thinks Farrell is joking around.

He chuckles, "come on."

"Yeah, yeah Abrakebabra," says Colin.

Jimmy laughs again and at this stage Farrell is getting frustrated.

"What the f-" exclaims the Dumbo star.

"It's a cultural flagship in my country man."


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"It's a huge franchise, there's about 20 restaurants. It hasn't left the shores of Ireland to go anywhere else."

"You really have to come to the island to get that 3am kebab going."

The presenter admits, "it's a fantastic name! They must have high-fived their arms off when they came up with that one."

In other Colin Farrell news, Sarina Bellissimo from Plan B spoke to the actor about his new movie.

He talked about how he feels when he sees himself on the big screen.

Watch the full interview here.

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