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Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Lands On Netflix This Month: Meet the Cast

Alan Young
Alan Young

02:36 6 Jan 2022

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Too Hot To Handle's cast of singletons are ready to heat up your January!

Season three of the Netflix dating show lands on January 19.

The racy dating show sees ten unknowns move into a beach villa to find love on vacation.

But soon after arriving, they discover they are not allowed to have any sexual contact, if they do they're punished.

Which is all well and good for the first season of the show, but we have a feeling by now season three contestants already know the rules.

The format tries to remove any physical element to dating in order to force contestants to form deeper emotional connections.

If contestants break the rules, the prize money on offer gets reduced, which only leads to more drama.

Here's everything you need to know about the cast.


Age: 24

Job: Legal Secretary

Hometown: Kent, UK

Fun fact: This Essex girl describes herself as the cockney Elle Woods.


Age: 23

Job: Student / Model

Hometown: Colorado, USA

Fun fact: She isn't looking to settle down and finds relationships boring.


Age: 22

Job: PT

Hometown: Manchester, UK

Fun fact: She plays competitive field hockey in her free time.


Age: 29

Job: Tree Surgeon

Hometown: Middlesborough, UK

Fun fact: He's a self-proclaimed Harry Styles lookalike.


Age: 26

Job: Student Midwife

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Fun fact: Her celebrity crush is Justin Bieber.


Age: 26

Job: Model

Hometown: LA, USA

Fun fact: He's covered in tattoos.


Age: 23

Job: Student

Hometown: Texas, USA

Fun fact: He's a basketball scholar and criminology student.


Age: 24

Job: Model

Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Fun fact: He's known as Cape Town's most notorious party boy.


Age: 25

Job: Entrepreneur / Model

Hometown: Virginia, USA

Fun fact: She wants to pursue fashion design and is dressed to the nines for any situation.


Age: 29

Job: Model / Actor

Hometown: Hawaii, USA

Fun fact: He plays guitar to woo the ladies.

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