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Stranger Things Will Have 3 New Characters In The Next Season

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07:37 27 Feb 2018

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We've been buzzing for the third season of Stranger Things ever since the second season was uploaded to Netflix and we binged it. 

Season three seems like a lifetime away, however, slowly but surely we're getting small details about it. 

According to reports, three new characters will be introduced in the upcoming episodes - and they certainly sound creepy enough to shake up Hawkins. 

The Hashtag Show podcast report that the three new faces are Bruce, Larry Kline & Patricia Brown. 

Bruce is said to be a 'sexist' and 'morally compromised news reporter in his 50s.'

Patricia Brown is a 'sweet neighbourhood elder' who enjoys gardening and giving advice to the children. 

And finally, Larry Kline is a middle-aged Mayor of Hawkins, who they describe as 'a classic, 80s-style slick politician.'

David Harbour has previously hinted that Stranger Things season three may not air until 2019, production is due to get underway in April. 

For the time being, Stranger Things season one and two are available to watch on Netflix now! 

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