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OMGWACA Is Coming To The Big Screen

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SPIN 1038

02:03 26 Feb 2018

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The book Oh My God, What A Complete Aising is being made into a film. 

Element Pictures announced the news today that one of the biggest books to hit shelves in 2018 is coming to the big screen. 

The book began as a Facebook page, created by friends Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen.

Emer and Sarah have confirmed that they're helping to write the screenplay.

They said 'We’ve known this character for ten years so to be given the opportunity to take her from the pages of our beloved book and transform her into a walking, talking, caring (and judging, let’s be honest) girl in front of a camera is beyond our wildest dreams. We can’t wait to start!'

OMGWACA is based on a girl named Aisling. She's twenty-eight and she’s a complete ... Aisling. She lives at home in Ballygobbard (or Ballygobackwards, as some gas tickets call it) with her parents and commutes to her good job at PensionsPlus in Dublin.

Ais spends two nights a week at her boyfriend John’s. He’s from down home and was kiss number seventeen at her twenty-first.

But Aisling wants more. She wants the ring on her finger....

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