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New Suspect In Making A Murderer Case

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SPIN 1038

05:10 10 Jun 2017

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Making A Murderer has just got interesting again. 

A new lawyer for convicted murderer Steven Avery has requested a new trial. 

It's because they have a new suspect! 


It's after it was claimed that Avery's conviction was based on a false testimony and planted evidence. 

The lawyer claims the ex-boyfriend of the murder victim actually killed Teresa Halbach. 

According to Perez Hilton, the motion stated "Because the State did not need to establish motive, it did not spend any time trying to figure out why Ms. Halbach was murdered. Both Mr. Avery and Ms. Halbach are victims of a justice system whose success depends upon the integrity, competence and devotion of judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. Both Ms. Halbach and Mr. Avery have yet to receive justice."

A second season is on the way, but no word yet as to when. 

For anyone who has yet to see the series, check out the trailer below: 

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