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Laverne Cox Calls Julia Garner 'Incredible' In Inventing Anna

Alan Young
Alan Young

04:13 9 Feb 2022

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Laverne Cox has exclusively revealed to SPIN that she was blown away by Julia Garner's performance in Inventing Anna.

The latest Shonda Rhimes TV series lands on Netflix this Friday, February 11.

Julia is the leading lady in the latest flick, starring as Anna Delvey.

The series, based on real events, tells the story of a journalist investigating the case of Anna Delvey, the Instagram-legendary heiress, who stole the hearts and money of New York elites.

The infamous Anna defrauded many banks, hotels, and wealthy New Yorkers.

Laverne sat down with SPINs own Sarina Bellissimo along with co-start Katie Lowes.

Laverne and Katie play Anna's personal trainer and friend.

Filming & Praising Julia Garner

Laverne and Katie shared with SPIN why it was such a thrill being a part of this series and the biggest lies they've told to get a role in Hollywood and their favorite VIP moments.

When asked what Laverne thought about her own character while filming the show, she said, “I was mostly thinking about Julia Garner and how incredible she was”.

Praising Julia's work, she said, “I'm a huge fan of Ozark and I worked with Julia in a film called Grandma in 2015”.

“She completely transformed into another person…a full human being with a complicated psychological and emotional life”.

Katie also loved working on this show, exclaiming, “I've never been involved in a project where I've gotten more DMs, texts, emails from family and friends of different age, race, creed, and socio-economic backgrounds”.

“This show people are ravenous for, and I just think that the show delivers”.

Sarina also chatted with fellow co-stars Alexis Floyd & Arian Moayed.

Alexis and Arian play Anna's friend, Neff, and Anna's lawyer, Todd.

They share how they feel about Anna, what it's like to be in the Succession orbit; and we find out why Inventing Anna says more about the world we live in than it does about Anna.

Inventing Anna premieres on Netflix on Friday 11 February.

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