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Barry Keoghan & Niamh Algar Talk Calm With Horses


02:19 14 Mar 2020

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Barry Keoghan and Niamh Algar spoke to Sarina about their latest film, Calm With Horses.

Calm With Horses is a gritty crime story set in dark rural Ireland. Ex-boxer Douglas `Arm' Armstrong is torn between loyalties as he's caught up with a drug-dealing family but is also trying to be a good father to his young autistic son Jack.

Barry and Niamh shared how it is amazing getting your dream job but then the fear sets in, just in case the studios figure out you can't really do it!

There are perks that come with the job but it seems that their family members get to enjoy them as Barry and Niamh are actually working!

Barry and Niamh also shared what it is like watching your film at a cinema that you were once banned from and worked in!

Watch the full interview below:

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