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Plan B: Minister For Health Simon Harris Is Both Excited And Nervous About The Easing Of COVID-19 Restrictions


12:58 16 May 2020

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Minister For Health Simon Harris

As of Monday, the country will enter the first of a number of phases that will see the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Minister For Health Simon Harris joined Sarina on Saturday's Plan B to tell us more.

The Minister began by saying he is both nervous and excited about the easing of restrictions, and that the work we put in is still crucial to their success.

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Plan B: Minister For Health Simon Harris Is Both Excited And Nervous About The Easing Of COVID-19 Restrictions

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He clarified that 4 people from different households will be able to meet outside, as long as they are within their 5km radius.

Monday May 18th will also see the return to work for some outdoor workers - such as those in construction and landscaping - and the opening of garden centres, hardware stores and a number of other retail outlets.

Some sports and recreational activities will also be able to resume from then, but only within small groups.

Many the listener questions that came in were around the subject of masks. Minister Harris confirmed that the advice of the Chief Medical Officer is that they may be useful in some circumstances, such as in enclosed spaces like supermarkets.

The Government has issued two videos showing how you can make your own mask at home and how to wear it safely.

On seeing our loved ones, Minister Harris says it is vital we stick to the Kilometre guidelines with seeing others as it stop the spread of the virus.

The Minister is missing his own Nana and can't wait to see her but also doesn't want to make her ill.

He stressed that these "awful restrictions" are in place to keep us safe and protect us all from the virus.

Another hot topic with our listeners is around large events and weddings, with many looking for clarity on what numbers will be allowed and when.

Minister Harris said there are currently talks under way to put together a clear list of guidelines on this matter.

He had to break it to his own friend, who's he's groomsman for, that his wedding and stag would not be going ahead.

The Minister's main message was that what we are doing is working and we have prevented a must worse situation. However, we now have the responsibility to continue this work.

Once we continue to adhere to the guidelines we can build on the easing of restrictions over the next few weeks.

He also noted this is a time when we're all fragile and it's important to be kind to one another.

The Minister also spoke about health screenings and when we can expect them to start again. However, he advised anyone experiencing symptoms to still seek medical care.

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