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Survey Of 'Perfect Christmas Day' Reveals Our Ideal Timeline


08:16 22 Dec 2021

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2,000 people were asked for their timeline of the 'perfect Christmas Day'. 

The ideal December 25th includes snow, champagne, mince pies and lots of presents.

People were asked how they wanted to start their day. 8am is the best time to wake up at.

The optimal weather conditions outside involve having four inches of snow.

Champagne is the preferred drink of choice for around 10:30 am in the morning too.

People want to sit down to enjoy lunch at around 2:30 pm in the afternoon.

The main meal is then followed by board games and a binge of festive films.

What about presents? Thirteen is in or around the ideal amount to receive for most.

Then it wouldn't be Christmas without mince pies - with people wanting at least two.

There would ideally be 13 presents to open and at least two mince pies eaten, the poll found.

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