Kylie Jenner Announces New Col...


Kylie Jenner Announces New Collaboration

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SPIN 1038

10:17 30 Mar 2017

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Kylie Jenner tweeted just yesterday that she's got another collaboration in the works. Her first collab was with big sister Khloe. It was called KoKo, and was formerly a limited edition collection but it was such a hit, they kept it running on the regular. Now, she's dropped another announcement but she's neglected to mention who it's with. Oooh. Or what the products will be. Double oooh. The internet, of course, has gone into overdrive speculating about the mystery person. Given that she worked with Khloe already, could it be another sister from the Kardashian Klan? 
Could it be something for more mature women that she's done in collaboration with her momager Kris? 
Kylie recently landed herself in hot water with plenty of people finding issue with the titles of her blusher collection. 'Barely legal' was just a step too far, given her standing as a role model to so many young women. 
The general consensus is that Kim might use the opportunity to collaborate with Kylie to mark her triumphant return to social media (she's been laying low) ever since that horrendous ordeal in Paris. 
Either way, it's bound to sell out before we can even get online to order it. 

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