10:00 29 Apr 2022

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Have you considered a career in insurance?

Many believe a career in insurance is perhaps dull and unimaginative - but they couldn't be more wrong.

In fact, it's an incredibly dynamic industry with loads of variety to offer you.

With The Insurance Institute’s Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship programme, pursuing a career in insurance couldn't be easier.


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Here are 10 reasons why you should at least consider a career in insurance:

1. Earn & Learn

Not only will you achieve a third level qualification, but you'll also have valuable work experience.

With this programme, you'll be able to carve out a hugely interesting career and you will have plenty of experience under your belt before you even graduate.

You'll be miles ahead of your peers!

2. Forget The Points Race

With the Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship, you don't have to worry about the hectic CAO points process.

Your personality, previous work experience, and academic skills count as much when you think about an insurance apprenticeship.

You need a minimum of two honours in the Leaving Cert, and four additional passes including English/Irish and Maths.

You'll also need to pass an interview process with an insurance employer.

The apprenticeship programme is looking for individuals with the right attitude and work ethic.

While you may be avoiding the stress of the points race, the course still requires serious commitment and determination.

So rather than focusing on getting the necessary points, you can focus all your attention on building a successful career for yourself.

3. Bundles Of Opportunity

Insurance is a growing industry, meaning there'll never be a shortage of opportunities.

It's a sustainable career choice, suited to those who are career minded and not just job minded.

With a career in insurance comes a commitment to lifelong learning, which will help secure your future.

4. A People's Business

Insurance is a people's business; meaning good communication skills are essential.

A large part of your success in this industry is dependent on the strength of your relationships, both with customers and colleagues.

What's great about this is that you're constantly meeting new people, and making lifelong friends.

All while giving back to society!

5. Learn Something New Everyday

With a career in insurance, you'll always be learning - and if you stand still, you'll be left behind.

This is super exciting! It means there'll constantly be something new around the corner.

Nothing ever stays the same in insurance, and that's what makes it so fun!


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6. Diverse workforce

Anyone can pursue a career in insurance, regardless of their background.

Everyone should have an equal opportunity when it comes to carving out a career for themselves, and The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship stands by that belief.

The current apprentices on the programme come from a variety of backgrounds.

7. So Many Avenues

In insurance, you're not limited to just one department - there's loads to choose from!

There are so many different avenues to explore, and this course will help you decide which is best for you.

8. A Dynamic Industry

Many people think a career in insurance offers a very boring lifestyle, but they couldn't be more wrong.

Insurance is an incredibly dynamic industry where creativity is always encouraged.

It holds innovation and technology at its core, with plenty of opportunity for young people to challenge the status quo.

9. Great Earnings

Not to mention, a career in insurance offers a sustainable career path, flexibility and financial independence.

By joining the industry as an apprentice, you'll be earning a full-time salary, all while getting your degree.

And in terms of financial security, you'll be miles ahead of your college friends by the time you all graduate.

10. The Good Days

One of the best things about insurance is helping people in their time of need.

Making that call to tell someone they'll be looked after is the most rewarding feeling in the world.

It's a pretty fulfilling career choice!

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Best of luck!

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