New To Netflix This Weekend


New To Netflix This Weekend

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SPIN 1038

11:16 7 Jan 2017

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January. The month where everyone is broke and vows to stay in, save and avoid the booze. 

If you're planning a quiet and 'dry' month - there's a huge variety of movies and shows that you can watch on Netflix, including original content, original films and comedy shows. 

Even if you watched copious amounts of Netflix over the festive period, it's great news for you as they've added heaps of new content since you went back to work. 

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Here's a breakdown of all the fresh bits that you can binge watch over the weekend. 

New to Netflix January 4th 

Dirty Work

The Stolen Years


Simply Actors 

New to Netflix January 5th 



Night Watch 

Miss India America

Maid in Manhattan 

Hunt For The Wilderpeople 



Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Back and Forth 

New to Netflix January 6th 

Coin Heist


Golden Years

Growing Up Coy 

Enjoy the chill. 

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