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Meet Niall - One Of Our Four Billboard Singles

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SPIN 1038

12:44 1 Mar 2018

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This is Niall. 

He's 25 and a teacher from Galway who's working in Dublin. 

Niall is looking for a guy who's great craic, not afraid to send a meme and will text back immediately!

In a perfect world Niall's match would be easy on the eye but not too good looking in case people think "Jesus Niall is batting waaaay above his weight with that ride".

If he could swap lives with anyone it would be Paris Hilton.

Niall recently started trapeze lessons and his motto is 'there’s no such thing as a bad date, just a good story’.

Does Niall sound like your dream guy? Or do you know someone who might be Niall's dream man?

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