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Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

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SPIN 1038

03:45 24 Mar 2017

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Despite all of the Mother's Day content advertised left right and centre, most of us wind up leaving the gift-buying for our hard-working mothers 'til the very last minute. To save you any unnecessary stress at the eleventh hour, here's what to do. Note: you don't have to do ALL of it, unless you're in the market for some serious brownie points. 
1. Blooms
Instead of a scabby bunch of flowers that wilt in a few days, pick up a tray of budding blooms that have a much longer lifespan. If you go into a proper florist or even to M&S, you will be able to pick something up with ease. Having the planter already with it makes it that little bit more special. You shouldn't have to spend more than twenty quid for something really impressive.
2. It's all in the card
Resist the urge to run into your nearest petrol station and pick from their questionable selection of cards. Head to Paperchase in Arnotts and pick up something she'll treasure forever. PS: If you're a Northsider and you don't say 'Mum', we hear Dunnes are selling plenty of cards with 'Mam' instead. 
3. Recipe book
If your mammy loves to cook, chances are she's still got lots of pieces of paper lying around with age-old recipes written on them. For less than €20, also with Paperchase loves to cook, chances are she's still got lots of pieces of paper lying around with age-old recipes written on them. For less than €20 (it's €19) also with Paperchase, she can organise them into something that looks pretty. Pick it up in store in Arnotts so you have it on time!
4. Photo frame
Quick! Straight to your nearest Boots and print out a few of your recent pics with your Mum, and take out some of the old favourites and pop them into this super personalised present idea. Easy peasy. €27, M&S. And lads, don't bother with the frame unless you're prepared for the minimal amount of effort required to put the photos in it! 
5. Luxury Jammies
Chances are your mother won't be quite as contented as we would be in a fleecy onesie (if she is, we want to meet her), but she'll always appreciate a fancy pair of PJs. If you can stretch the budget, head straight to the Rosie collection, also with M&S.
6. Jewellery
Working up through the budget, for something REALLY special, head straight to MoMuse in Powerscourt Shopping Centre and pick out a minimalist gold or silver necklace. It's hard to go wrong here as almost everyone - regardless of their age - will love this style of accessory. 
7. Massage
For more of an experiential gift, head to the Shelbourne salon or the Dawson Hotel and pick up a voucher. A voucher is your best bet and reqiures zero thought, leaving your wonderful mam to choose the treatment that suits her best. Even just a €50 voucher will get her something nice (such as a blowdry and nails at the Shelbourne)

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