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James Kavanagh's 5 Best Things To Do in Dublin

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01:17 5 Jan 2017

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It's a new year full of amazing things to do in Dublin, our Snapchat pal James Kavanagh has picked out his BEST 5 for this week! 
1) Dublin Bowie Festival, 5th Jan - 10th Jan around Dublin 
Dublin is about to be Bowie'd - and is happening on the first restaurant of his death. Topped by a heavyweight line up of live music, the program also includes movie & documentary screenings, Q&A’s, debates & discussions, literary events, fashion, fine art, merchandise markets, a quiz, a Festival club, illustration, karaoke, DJ’s and lots lots more… More info:
2) Aladdin, until 22nd Jan @ The Helix
If you don't wanna kick away Christmas vibes just yet, then get yo'self to a panto - this panto! It's all in aid of Temple Street too, which is gorge. More info:
3) Meet Me In The Morning, Pleasants Street 
If you want some delicious eggs in the morning, then head here. They do divine coffee, scones and nibbly bits too. A gorge place to wile away a lazy hour this weekend. More info:
4) The OA, Netflix
If you're on the dry, as I am, then bolt the doors and turn this madness of a show on. It's stranger then Stranger Things - but just as addictive. You 100% will be compelled to watch them all in a row, so get your takeaway menus at the ready too.  
5) Humans Of Dublin One, Jervis Shopping Centre  
Peter Varga (author & creator of Humans of Dublin) spent an entire day capturing and experiencing the lives of the people living and working in and enjoying what Dublin One has on offer. The photography exhibition of the ‘Humans of Dublin One’ is free to the public and is displayed on the 1st Floor of Jervis Shopping Centre.

You can follow James on Snapchat, @JamesKSnaps 

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