SPIN1038 Hold Funeral for Dubl...


SPIN1038 Hold Funeral for Dublin - New York Portal As Screens Are Turned Off

Conor Finn
Conor Finn

05:55 16 May 2024

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RIP portal, gone but not forgotten!

SPIN's Fully Charged with Emma, Dave and Aisling just paid their respects to the infamous Dublin - New York Portal today.

The breakfast show trio, who just won ranks as Dublin's No.1 Music Station in the latest JNLR reports today, took time to share their thoughts and feelings for the beloved landmark leaving a 'gravestone' and flowers.

The internet responded, sending condolences across social media and platforms alike, demanding the beloved installation on North Earl Street be turned back on!



The trio have announced they will be paying their respects with a devoted memorial show to the portal tomorrow (Friday 17th May) from 8am on Fully Charged with Emma, Dave and Aisling.

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