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Zayn Malik Reveals Niall Horan Is His 'Favourite' One Direction Member


12:07 19 Mar 2021

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Zayn Malik has a favourite

Zayn Malik has said Niall Horan is his favourite One Direction member, "[he] makes the best music."

The singer made the revelation during an interview on Sirius XM this week.


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Zayn was asked, "If you were in the back of your mind comparing yourself to other members of your band, who would be number two?"

"If you're like making a poll, who's number two on that list?"

Zayn responded, "I don't think it's fair for me to say who's number two because I was in the band."

"I don't entertain these things. I don't think there's a comparison."

The Sirius XM host went on to praise all members of One Direction for making, "really good music."

Zayn interrupted, "I’ll tell you what, Niall is my favourite."


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"How about that?" He continued, "There you go. Niall makes the best music, there you go."

Zayn was asked, "Even better than Zayn?"

"Yeah I will say that he makes better music than me. Yeah, I’m a Niall fan," he replied.

G'wan Niall! He's our favourite too.

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