We Can All Relate To The Awkwa...


We Can All Relate To The Awkwardness On Tonight's First Dates Ireland

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SPIN 1038

04:05 9 Mar 2017

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Tonight's episode of First Dates Ireland looks like it could really sum up this country, and just how small it is.

Ahead of the latest edition of the hugely popular series, it seems one man already knew his date, which shows just how small a world it is.

However, he also knows the waitress through a friend, which we all find out about in a matter of seconds:

Not only that, but in another teaser, the couple have the most typical conversation when it comes to meeting someone for the first time.

Or maybe it's just the typical conversation I have when I meet someone new:

Anyone else with me on this one? No?

First Dates Ireland is back tonight from 9:30pm on RTE 2.

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